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XS Manchester - Rock Without Prejudice In November 2106 they played 3 SOLD OUT headline shows at o2 Ritz Manchester, Whelans Dublin and Oslo Hackney. Listen to XS Manchester radio online – Find the latest music news, get the Legends Football Social updates, watch the best rock music videos and discover the.

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XFM Manchester - pedia It was really strange after doing the UK tour, I loved it, then went to Sweden and everyone was really quiet. Is it strange for the Americans to have a young British lad writing heavily American-sounding songs? I'm doing what I love but I think, whatever we do, we'll always find something to complain about. I can’t sing about the same things that I did on the first album, some people may want the same kind of stuff from me but that’s what I put the first album out there for, the second is its own thing and the third will be too. Whenever the record is ready that’s when it should be released. Yeah I do a lot of interviews, with the second album coming out a short time after the first, obviously it’s beneficial for me to promote both records so I always seem to be touring and interviewing. The other stuff, I can’t let those things bother me, I’m doing what I love. Well, the weather, the mud, a load of bands knocking around all looking the same, giving out dirty looks. I appreciated people making the effort to deal with all of that, come see me on stage, listen to my music, but I wouldn’t be able to do it. Xfm Manchester was a commercial radio station broadcasting alternative and indie music to. date, 15 March 2006. Last air date, 13 September 2015 as XFM.

<strong>Xfm</strong> breakfast presenter Tim Cocker replaced by Chris Moyles.

Xfm breakfast presenter Tim Cocker replaced by Chris Moyles. WHEN Bugg (real name Jake Kennedy) burst from the confines of his Nottingham council estate with tales of hanging around in car parks, popping pills, smoking ‘fat ones’ and gang land stabbings, many hailed the return of that Northern Brit-rock swagger that seemed to evaporate with the inevitable combustion of that tumultuous Oasis ‘give-a-shit’ steam-rolling party bus (Kasabian held the torch for a good while).shit'. Aged only ehteen his debut album knocked ponce rockers Mumford and Sons from the number one slot and went platinum. He started hanging out with models and sitting by catwalks for one. Tim Cocker has been axed from the Xfm breakfast show to be replaced by. MORE End of Xfm Manchester Fans' fury as local DJs replaced by Chris. UK tour with Manchester Arena date - tickets and presale information.

Chris Moyles' Radio X slot met with backlash from <em>XFM</em> listeners as.

Chris Moyles' Radio X slot met with backlash from XFM listeners as. It’s a slow process America, it’s so b it's hard to see how things are even going over there. But people now, with all the social media, they love to start a fht or a gossip. Radio fans have slammed the decision to axe local presenters in favour of Chris Moyles. Fans of XFM Manchester are up in arms after it was.

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